Carron 5kW Multi Fuel Stove Gains DEFRA Approval

Carron 5kW red enamel stoveThe Carron 7kW multi fuel stove quickly became popular in urban areas of the UK due to its unbeatable combination of being DEFRA Approved to burn wood in smokeless zones and offering a variety of coloured enamel finishes, all with a very affordable price tag. A smaller version, the Carron 5kW multi fuel stove, was introduced last year to meet demand for a more compact stove with a lower heat output.

Ever since the Carron 5kW stove was introduced, customers have been asking whether they could use it to burn wood in Smoke Control Areas. Although originally this was not allowed under UK legislation, the Carron 5kW has now completed the rigourous independent testing process to gain DEFRA approval. This means that all new stock of the Carron 5kW stove can legally be installed and used for wood burning throughout the UK.

People looking for a multi fuel or wood burning stove with a coloured enamel finish rather than the normal matt black paint generally have to pay a premium for this, putting high gloss enamel stoves out of reach of many customers. In addition, there are very few DEFRA stoves which offer enamel finishes at all. Carron offer red, black, cream, blue and green enamel finishes as well as matt black, and have managed to keep their prices down to suit the budget end of the market.

People often have reservations about buying cheap stoves, wondering whether they are sacrificing quality or aftercare. In my experience some budget stoves are much better than others in both respects. We have sold many Carron stoves in the last couple of years, and had a lot of positive feedback from customers about them. While occasional problems have cropped up, in my experience the manufacturer has been very helpful and eager to resolve any issues. Carron stoves continue to offer great value for money, and we look forward to further developments from them.


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