Homeowner Saves Thousands After Installing Boiler Stove

Aga Minsterley boiler stove

Woodburning boiler stoves - a carbon neutral alternative to gas or oil fired heating

The latest issue of Fireplace Specialist reports that a Bristol homeowner is saving around £2000 per year on heating costs since installing a woodburning boiler stove. Joanne Shipp’s 17th century farmhouse isn’t in a mains gas area, so she was reliant on oil for heating and hot water. When the increasing cost of heating oil pushed her annual home heating costs to £3000 a year Joanne was forced to look for alternatives.

The Shipp family’s new heating system is designed around a Broseley eVolution 8 woodburning boiler stove with solar panels and a thermal store. The boiler stove keeps the downstairs of the house warm during winter as well as supplying hot water to the thermal store, and during summer the thermal store is heated by the solar panels. Although the Shipps still use oil for heating, it is now a back-up rather than the primary heat source.

Joanny Shipp estimates they are now saving around £2000 a year on their heating costs, a massive annual saving. In addition to the financial benefits the move to burning wood and using solar power has reduced the carbon footprint of the Shipp household.

The Broseley eVolution 8 stove is an efficient, clean burning wood stove with an integral boiler, giving out 3kW of heat to the room and 8kW to water. It features Broseley’s “Safety Cold Water System” which allows direct connection to a sealed heating system without needing extra feed and expansion tanks.

Although the Broseley eVolution 8 is only on sale through local stove showrooms, alternate woodburning boiler stoves with similar or larger heat outputs are available to internet shoppers. Boiler stoves with built-in thermostats are suitable for use as the primary heat source for a home heating system, while those without thermostats can be used as a secondary heat source.


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