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Clean Burning Stoves Help Indian Tigers

News coverage and discussion of clean burning wood stoves tends to focus on their environmental and financial impact – improvement of air quality through reduced emissions, carbon footprint management and money saved through increased fuel economy. But there is another important aspect … Continue reading

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Homeowner Saves Thousands After Installing Boiler Stove

The latest issue of Fireplace Specialist reports that a Bristol homeowner is saving around £2000 per year on heating costs since installing a woodburning boiler stove. Joanne Shipp’s 17th century farmhouse isn’t in a mains gas area, so she was reliant on oil … Continue reading

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Are Cleanburn Stoves and DEFRA Stoves the Same?

Over the last few years I’ve noticed that customers looking for a woodburner to use in a smoke free zone sometimes get confused about whether they should be looking at cleanburn stoves or DEFRA stoves. This post explains the differences between them. Cleanburn … Continue reading

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United Nations Says Clean Burning Stoves Help Fight Global Warming

A recently released U.N. report outlines a range of 16 measures, including use of cleaner burning wood stoves, which can limit release of greenhouse gases such as “black carbon” into the atmosphere. This would help the world achieve the goal … Continue reading

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NEW – Aarrow Stratford Eco Boiler HE Wood Burning Stoves

Stores Direct are proud to introduce the new range of Stratford Eco Boiler stoves, which have been developed to supersede the discontinued TF and SEB20 boiler stoves. The Stratford Ecoboiler HE stove range includes five freestanding models as well as two inset stoves. … Continue reading

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Carbon Neutral Heating From Wood Burning Stoves

Shopping for a wood burning stove can be hard work. As well as practical, financial and aesthetic considerations, many people wonder about the impact of their choice of heating appliance on the environment. This post explains what a carbon footprint is, … Continue reading

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Buying Logs for Wood Stoves – How to Make the Right Choice

Logs are the most commonly used form of wood fuel in the UK, used for both open fires and wood burning stoves. Most people source logs locally, for example through tree surgeons, farmers or coal merchants. However some fuel suppliers … Continue reading

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